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The Fruit Cards

Now U Know Educational Games



  • Standard deck of playing cards plus a giant deck of cards.
  • Each card has a real life picture of a different fruit or vegetable on the back.
  • The face of the card states the name and primary health benefit of the fruit or vegetable in English, French, German, Spanish and Chinese.
  • Nutritional properties of the fruits and vegetables are listed pictorially on the face of the card which can be used to play trumps.
  • App that tests knowledge learnt from the cards
  • App links to a website with in depth information to develop knowledge further.


  • Help schools teach children the benefits of eating fruit and vegetables.
  • Encourage children to eat more fruit and vegetables through education that is fun
  • If children want more fruit and veg parents will be encouraged to buy more and eat more themselves.
  • Promote healthy eating.
  • Partnership with fruit and veg industry to sell more produce.

Why Cards?:

  • Learn while having fun playing games
  • Packs of cards are sought after by children
  • Card games can be played in a group rather than alone on a computer
  • Children and adults can play
  • Hard wearing
  • Small and highly deliverable
  • Traditional card games can also teach numeracy
  • Our cards cannot be used for gambling as the specific food item is printed on both sides of the card.
  • Develops fine motor skills
  • Easy to manufacture, store and distribute.

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