Organic Fruit and Vegetables, What we need to know?

Organic Fruit and Vegetables:

The term ‘organic’ refers to the way foods are grown and processed. Organic products are all those fruits and vegetables which cultivation processes were not using any pesticides and chemical based fertilizer and also those products were not using any synthetic compound to make them grow bigger or fresh longer. In other words, all processes were organic to promote ecological balance for environment.

Non Organic Fruit and Vegetables:

There is the saying, “You are what you eat”. Many people wonder, why eat poisons and toxins if you don’t have to? Non organic products are totally opposite of organic products which all the cultivation processes were using pesticides and chemical based fertilizer.  Economically non organic product might be profitable because of the much more interesting look if compared to organic product.

Here are Some Benefits of Organic Fruit and Vegetable:

  1. Organic Fruit and vegetables are free from dangerous Chemicals
  2. Organic Fruit and vegetables are safe from Pesticides because no harmful Pesticides are use in their cultivation process.
  3. Organic Fruit and vegetables contained Higher Antioxidants Compound; The study found that organic fruits and vegetables have up to 50% more antioxidants, and more vitamins and minerals, such as iron and zinc.
  4. Organic Fruit and vegetables Taste better than non-organic because its taste is totally natural.
  5. Organic Fruit and vegetables are Fresher Product because organic products can’t stay fresher for a long time on display. So whatever you are finding on display is fresh.
  6. Organic Fruit and vegetables are better for Environment because It provides sustainable solution for environment since all the materials used for cultivation is not harmful for environment.
  7. Organic Fruit and vegetables are Richer in Certain Nutrients
  8. Organic Fruit and vegetables are Healthy Products Only, if you are purchasing an organic product that’s mean it is totally healthy and safe for your family.