Smoothies versus juices

Why the Sudden Craze in Smoothies?

More and more people are joining in with the smoothie craze. It is not simply as they are seen as healthy and something enjoyed only by the diet conscious. For many people breakfast is a meal which is missed either through lack of hunger or shortage of time, in these instances a smoothie is a great alternative, they take very little time to make, even less time to drink and yet provide the body with a vital boost of vitamins and nutrients which can only be the best way to start the day. Parents too are encouraging the craze for smoothies, as it is a way to get fruits and vegetables into children which would simply refuse them if they were served to them on a plate. Parents can easily mask the super healthy but not very tasty vegetables into a fruit smoothie, and be sure that they are giving their children an incredibly healthy snack.

Unlike juices made from fruits and vegetables, smoothies contain the entire fruit and vegetable ingredients which were added to the blender. This means that all of the natural fibre the fresh produce contains, is also contained in the smoothie. Smoothies are also much more filling than juice, and can satisfy hunger much better. Extra ingredients can also be added to smoothies, there are a variety of health boosting superfoods which can be added to smoothies such as spirulina, maca powder and bee pollen, all of which will bring different things to the smoothie.

Smoothies are not only a great choice for breakfast on an on the go lunch, they also make incredible desserts and can be made to be as healthy or as decadent as you wish. Instead of a base of fruit juice, yoghurt or almond milk can be used to provide a richer, creamier texture.